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Disinfecting your spa water means killing the harmful bacteria and keeping the water clean. Superior offers two types of disinfectant systems to choose from; chlorine or bromine based. Both have their advantages.

There are different types of chlorine treatments available to the spa owner. We believe stabilized chlorine in tablet or granular form is best suited for outdoor spa use. Spa Tabs are 90% available chlorine and offer a continual slow release of disinfectant. Tabs require a feeder or skimmer basket to dissolve. CHLOR-AID granular chlorine dissolves completely and immediately for instant disinfection and does not alter the pH.

There are two common types of bromine systems available. These include organic bromine tablets and the two part liquid bromine program. Bromine tablets are convenient and require a skimmer basket or feeder to dispense the disinfectant. The two part bromine systems can be added directly and immediately to the spa. Make sure the bromine level is 3-5 p.p.m.

Shock Treatment
After using your spa, body oils, perspiration, hair and dirt accumulate which can turn your spa cloudy. Periodic shock treatments with SPA SHOCK will oxidize these organic contaminants. SPA SHOCK is compatible with both Chlorine and Bromine disinfectant systems.

Water Balance
Water balance is important to he overall performance of your spa. No spa's water conditions are exactly alike. The water source, location of the spa and frequency of use all affect the water balance. Unbalanced water can damage the equipment, make the water uncomfortable for the user, and decrease the effectiveness of the disinfectant. Total alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness must be within the correct range to balance the water.

ph ChartSimply, pH is a scale indicating whether spa water is basic, neutral or acidic. Spa water should be slightly basic 7.2-7.6.

A low pH below 7.2 leads to corrosion of spa equipment and will irritate the skin of the bathers. The sanitizer will dissipate more rapidly. A low pH can be corrected by adding pH BOOSTER.

A high pH above 7.6 promotes scaling on heat exchange tubes, creates cloudy water, calcium deposits and reduces the effectiveness of disinfecting agents. A high pH can be corrected by adding pH REDUCER.

AlkalinityTotal alkalinity is a measure of the alkalines in the water. They act as a pH buffer or a pH stabilizer preventing large changes in the pH. The total alkalinity should be between 80 -150 p.p.m.; ideally 120 p.p.m. Tablet chlorines and bromine tend to gradually lower the alkalinity level.

A low total alkalinity causes:

  • the pH to wander
  • corrosive water
  • disinfectants to be ineffective To raise the total
    alkalinity add ALKA RISE.
A high total alkalinity causes:
  • cloudy water
  • scale formation
To lower the total alkalinity add pH REDUCER.

Calcium Hardness
Calcium HardnesCalcium hardness is the hardness present due to dissolved calcium. The desired range is 150-280 p.p.m.

A low calcium hardness causes: - corrosive water - staining of surfaces To raise calcium hardness add CAL-RISE.

A high calcium hardness causes:
  • scaling of heating pipes
  • cloudy water
  • staining of spa
To correct this problem add PREVENT II. Do not fill the spa with soft water!

Common Spa Water Problems - Cause & Remedy

Problem Cause/Solution
Cloudy Water Cause
A) Organic contaminants build up.
B) Suspended particles.
C) pH high.
D) Total alkalinity too high.
E) Hardness too high.
F) Poor filtration.
G) High dissolved solids.
A) Shock treatment and SPA SHOCK. Add deskummer
C) Add pH REDUCER until pH level reads 7.2 - 7.6
D) Add pH REDUCER, adjust total alkalinity to 80 - 150 p.p.m.
E) Add PREVENT II, circulate through a water softener until hardness is 150-280 p.p.m.
F) Dirty filter, clean with CARTRIDGE CLEANER.
G) Empty spa and refill.

Coloured Water Cause
A) Dissolved copper, iron and other metals from source water or equipment
B) Algae
C) Fragrance
A) Use PREVENT II. Have Superior check water balance.
B) Add non-foaming AGAECIDE.
C) Stop the use of fragrance.

Foaming Cause
A) High concentration of oils and organic contaminants being agitated by jets B) Soft Water
A) Squirt DEFOAMER on foam. Use SPA-BALL or add Descummer. B) Add CAL RISE until hardness is 150-280 p.p.m.

Scale Deposits

High calcium level, high pH, high alkalinity
Drain partially, add PREVENT II, correct pH level to 7.2-7.6 and alkalinity to 80-150 p.p.m.

Odour Eye/Skin Irritation Cause
High level of organic contaminants, combined chlorine.
A) pH too low
B) combined chlorine due to high concentration or organic contaminants
Shock with SPA SHOCK, add Descummer.
A) Add pH BOOSTER until level is 7.2-7.6

No Chlorine / Bromine Reading Cause
A) High concentration of organic contaminants using up sanitizers
B) Test reagents may be ineffective
A) Add sanitizers until levels are up to recommended range.
B) Replace at least once a year, keep cool and out of sunlight.

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